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2012-01-28 21:40:26 by Revelance

Its been awhile!

The game is still...coming along :)

To be honest, I've been scrapping and rewriting a lot code which just ended up me rewriting almost everything. I wouldn't say I'm starting from square one again, since I have a lot more experience developing now and I can code things almost three times as fast as before so you won't have to wait another year.

I have been practicing my art skills lately, and I think I've improved a notch.

I will be posting more often (hopefully) this year, so you guys can keep track of my progress ^^

Until next time,

-Rev (Mindforce)

Development Still In Progress

2011-05-13 01:43:30 by Revelance

Well, time sure passes by quickly...

The engine is about 50% finished , and I think I've got the basic stuff down. I've been rapidly making changes over the past half year, and I hope to get a playable version out in the next couple months.

Still need to tweak the battle engine, because now I have the skill to add things that I couldn't add before.

See you all soon :D


Development Still In Progress

Development Progress [ Role-Playing ]

2010-11-23 08:54:12 by Revelance

Its been over two months since my last update, and I've made significant progress on the game, more specifically on the inventory parts.

The item stats are now fully functional, item equip / unequip bug has been fixed, double-click feature has been implemented.

Also updated almost all the user interfaces, rewrote some of the engine to improve flexibility, and the basic functions of the Ability system are now working.

Some things to expect in the next update:

Various Sub-Categories for Items
Item Quantity
Team Management / Multiple Character Selection
Completed Ability Tree

Hopefully I can get 2 or 3 finished on the list, but there is still so much to be done.

I would like to release a playable Alpha version as soon as possible, so stay tuned.


Fusion 0 Development

2010-09-11 08:30:44 by Revelance

Fusion 0 is a mixture of futuristic and fantasy elements merged into a role playing game. It has been in development for over a year, and has grown into more then I anticipated it to be.

Currently working on the Item Stats.

Meanwhile, I have submitted my first audio submission "Echo Dreams" on Newgrounds. I hope you all enjoy it.

I hope to get a website for the game soon, so you guys can follow its development.